Home Sweet Home

Hello all! I know I have been out of the game for a while and I hate that! Life has been pretty hectic lately because… We bought our first home! We are thrilled and so very grateful! Since we got married in 2013 it has always been a dream of ours to own our own home, a dream that I honestly thought would never happen.


After I had my transplant I was determined to live life without settling. We lived in a tiny home in a not-so-great part of town for four years before we bought our home, but we had great landlords and they not only helped us through the hard times but they loved us through those difficult times as well. They are huge blessing to us and we hope that someday we can help a young couple the way that they did. In January I remember telling Steven that this will be the year that we get a home because I will not take no for an answer. However, I didn’t really know if it was possible I just knew that God tells us to have faith and that all we have to do is ask and receive, so I did (Matthew 7:7). Last year we tried to get a loan for a home and we were turned down. In August a local bank told us that we needed to do a lot of work and get our credit scores up to be able to get a home. So I didn’t really try to jump right into finding a mortgage company because I was waiting for the “right time”. In February I started to thank God for what He was going to do. I knew I just had to let Him be God and I just needed to trust Him. Literally the next week I had a family member call and tell us that her friend was a realtor and was looking for someone to help find a home and she asked if she could give the realtor my number. I said sure but in the back of my mind I thought that this woman probably couldn’t help us but it was worth a try. In just a few minutes she called and introduced herself to me and I filled her in on our situation. She was very kind and positive from the beginning and she got me in touch with a loan officer at Movement Mortgage in Monroe, Louisiana. I just filled out an application on a Friday and was told that following Monday that we were approved for a home loan. I couldn’t believe it! Then came the actual house search. We found one we loved that fell through and the next two homes we liked were in the process of being sold. Then we came across THE home for us.


*we had to settle for wet photos because it has rained nonstop here.

It all just worked out so smoothly. When we looked at the house it had only been on the market for two days and we made an offer the day we walked through. We moved 30 minutes from our last house and while the commute into town is a little longer it is well worth it. We went form a two bedroom and one bathroom home to a three bedroom and two bathroom home; from having no backyard to having almost an acre and a half in the backyard. We moved in March 31st and I feel like this has always been our home. We are all moved in and I am finishing up with the putting away and organizing, which is A LOT OF WORK. I can’t wait to show everyone when it is finished. We give all the glory to God and we can’t wait to live our quiet family life in our new HOME.


I know that this wasn’t the most thrilling post, but I wanted to fill everyone in on why I have been MIA and share how God has blessed us yet again. I am working on some new blog posts and am currently in the middle of testing out a meal kit subscription to blog about my thoughts on. I won’t mention the name yet but I am sure you can guess what it is. I can’t wait to share it with you guys and try out a different kind of post for the blog. I hope to be able to devote more time here now that we are moved in and I am getting into the swing of life in the new house. Because we live so far away from civilization [overdramatic] I am at home a lot more so I plan to do these a few times a week. Until next time!

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