Hello New Year

Hello! It has been so long. Life has been a whirlwind these past few months. I started a job in Medicare Assistance in July. The class I was hired on with went through 6 months of training and it was a lot of hard work. I am finally starting to get settled in this new way of life. The transformation from a stay-at-home, mom who hadn’t worked in over two years, to a working mom and homemaker has been challenging to say the least. Although it has been hard, I am very grateful. The last time I was working I was so sick with my liver disease. It is a blessing to go to work everyday with no sickness in my body. Praise Jesus.


Life Lately

Since I last updated my page, I got a new nephew! My precious son turned three. I made incredible, life-long friends at my job. I developed an addiction to the book series and television series Outlander.  I got a new “mom” car. I turned 27. I booked a bucket-list trip to Scotland- my husband and I are going September 2019! It has been a wonderful year and I expect 2019 to be nothing less than wonderful as well.

The Plan

I want to get serious with blogging. I never got deep into it before taking my hiatus, but I plan to delve more into that for 2019. I want to share my thoughts and ideas with those who want to listen. I want to write about life.


The Goal

In 2019 I hope to encourage others to try new things and express themselves. My objective is to do this by sharing a little bit of my life and experience of being a mom, wife, woman, and transplant survivor. Everyone’s opinion is worth listening to, even on the most basicof topics. Hopefully my blog will be of interest and a place for people to come to for entertainment as well as conversation and encouragement.


Thank You!

Feedback and tips on any upcoming posts would be appreciated! I look forward to sharpening my writing skills as well as learning through this experience. Thanks to those who read these posts. I see you and appreciate the time you take out of your day to read anything that I have to say.


Happy 2019! Its going to be a year full of blessing!


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