I’m sure by now that many of you have heard of the #MichaelsChallenge and the #HobbyLobbyChallenge, but for those who don’t know these challenges call for folks to use the floral aisles of these craft stores as their own personal studio. My sister-in-law, Bit, texted me a screenshot of a post from Michaels inviting people to come and try their hand at their #MichaelsChallenge.┬áSeeming too good to be true, I told her that I doubt we could do that and not get kicked out to which she sent a screenshot of the store telling a prospecting photographer they can indeed come and photograph in their store.


Challenge accepted! I haven’t been into photography much at all since my transplant and I enjoy having my life not revolve around photo shoots and long days and nights of endless editing, but this “challenge” was refreshing for me. Bit and I took advantage of the comfort of a/c and shelter from inclement weather that has been a constant theme here in Monroe and West Monroe, Louisiana the past month. She dressed my beautiful nieces in spring colors and we had ourselves a mini Spring photo shoot.

The fluorescent lighting wasn’t my favorite part but the absence of mud puddles and Louisiana humidity made up for that. I suggest that you ask before taking over the aisle and respect other shoppers.

We did have a lady walk behind Bit while I was trying to get a few shots of her but we had to respect the customer, and because of Michaels hospitality to us we had no problem taking breaks so customers could peruse our floral backdrop. It also doesn’t hurt to do a little shopping while you are getting your photography on. I can’t go into Michaels and not buy something! Also, respect the store! Once you are done with your shoot clean up after yourself. Most importantly, have fun and be creative. So shout out to Michaels for letting photographers get creative indoors even if it is a way to get some business, I think its fantastic! Tag me in your #MichaelsChallenge photo shoot so I can see what you come up with!



P.S. I’m not sure about other Hobby Lobby stores, but our local one would not allow people to come photograph in their store, but if your store lets you shoot there go for it and have respect for the store and other shoppers!